smart Everything everywhere Access to content through Small cells Technologies (EAST)

Themes: Big-data on-chip transmission, Microwave circuits, RF electronics

EAST is focused on the development of Small cell technologies for 5G applications up to 6 GHz
EAST (smart Everything everywhere Access to content through Small cells Technologies) will develop enablers and facilitators for 5G Small cells mobile networks up to 6 GHz. Key targets in comparison to existing 3/4G solutions are: enhanced data rates (video bandwidths > 100MHz), higher integration (10x to 100x size reduction), higher functionality (MIMO), dramatic costs reduction (10x to 100x), higher overall system efficiency (>60%), and re-configurability (multiple-transmit bands). To achieve these ambitious goals, major steps have to be taken at the system/design level (novel transmitter architectures), at the technology level (new silicon processes and packaging solutions), as well as in the development of characterization and modelling tools, which now need to handle the increased bandwidths and linearity requirements of 5G network applications. Focus of EAST will be on the overall integration of RF front-ends for 5G base station and handset applications with their critical building blocks, namely: the signal up-conversion / conditioning (DPD), PA, LNA, switches and antenna. The objectives of EAST will be achieved through intensive cooperation in a consortium with industrial to research laboratory partners coming from 5 European countries. The outcome of this project will position Europe as a technology leader in the upcoming 5G market.

Project data

Researchers: Milad Mehrpoo, Leo de Vreede, Jordi van der Meulen, Mohammad Reza Beikmirza, Morteza Alavi
Starting date: January 2015
Closing date: January 2019
Sponsor: CATRENE
Partners: NXP
Contact: Leo de Vreede