The Electronic Circuits and Architectures (ELCA) research group investigates and educates the design of high performance electronic (integrated) circuits/systems, with a special focus on:

  • understanding and overcoming the performance limits of RF/mm-wave/wireless components, circuits & systems and improving to the state-of-the-art their functionality, power consumption, operating frequency and linear / non-linear behaviour.


  • introducing improved design and characterization methodologies


  • developing new applications for wireless, robotic, space-born, and smart integrated systems.


These activities rely on advanced analogue / digital intensive design techniques implemented in dedicated technologies. Special attention is given to new devices / technologies that are not always widely available or extensively characterized, such as on-chip magnetic components, high-speed / low-power nanoscale devices, (sub)mm-wave devices as well HV / High power transistors. For space and robotic applications focus is placed on electronics, technologies and components operating in remote areas and harsh environments.