Big-data on-chip transmission


Big-data (i.e., one Tb/s and beyond) transmission is the trend in the next-generation communication beyond 2020. Many applications as the free viewpoint video, robotics in manufacturing, high resolution video distribution, and so on, will improve the life-quality of human-beings and make the world connection closer. As one of the key sub-systems in the total big-data system, the on-chip transceiver demands novel proof-of-concepts to achieve the ultra-wide bandwidth, energy efficient modulation formats, and focused transmit energy to the target direction, simultaneously. Such transceiver aims to conquer new frontiers in terms of carrier frequency, high-speed signal processing, and RF semiconductor design.

Projects under this theme

Digital tRAnSmitTer ICs

This project aims to develop DTX ICs for highly-integrated and energy-efficient mMIMO base stations.

Smart Energy Efficient Digital Communication

SEEDCOM aims for fully integrated energy efficient wideband transmitters

smart Everything everywhere Access to content through Small cells Technologies

EAST is focused on the development of Small cell technologies for 5G applications up to 6 GHz


WAtt LEvel transmitters at mm-waves

The WhALE project targets, employing complementary expertise in the field of electromagnetics, system integration and integrated circuit design, to develop the next generation of mmwave transmitters.

MSc students