Space electronics systems

Contact: Chris Verhoeven

Space is strategically important for Europe (e.g., the Galileo system), and "swarms" of nano-satellites open-up a completely new market for earth observation, security and space exploration.

In April 2008 the Delfi-C3 nano satellite was launched successfully. It remains fully-functional, relaying scientific data to the ELCA groundstation on a daily basis. Delfi-C3 is the fourth Dutch satellite in space and the first launched by a university. Delfi-C3 is recognized as a flagship of professional nano-satellite design.

To support Delfi-C3, a satellite ground station has been established on the 22nd floor (roof) of the EWI building. The ground station receives and transmit at VHF, UHF and S-Band, and is part of the ESA coordinated GENSO network used to track and operate multiple satellites.


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