dr.ir. C.J.M. Verhoeven

Associate Professor
Electronic Circuits and Architectures (ELCA), Department of Microelectronics

Expertise: Design methodology for Analog Electronics, electronics for nano satellites, electronics for (swarm) robots

Themes: Space electronics systems


Ir. Dr. C.J.M. (Chris) Verhoeven is an associate professor in the department of microelectronics at the Delft University of Technology since 1999. His research interests are systematic analog design, RF circuits, adaptive radio systems, sensor electronics and avionics for drones, sounding rockets and nano-satellites.

Since 2007 he is part-time employed at the faculty of Aerospace Engineering in the Space Systems Engineering lab. He was responsible for the design and implementation of the electronics for the Delfi-C3 nano-satellite that was successfully launched in 2008 that still operational after nearly 8 years. He is still involved in the development of future nanosatellite missions of the TU-Delft and one of the initiators of the national OLFAR project (Orbiting Low Frequency Array); a moon-orbiting radio telescope based on a swarm of nano-satellites.

Since 2013 Chris Verhoeven is Theme Leader of the Swarm Theme of the TU-Delft Robotics Institute that does research on swarms of underwater robots, rovers, drones and nano satellites and that supports student research on controlled sounding rockets in the Korolev Lab of the institute. He is also Theme Leader of the Space Robotics Theme of the TU-Delft Space Institute, with a focus on micro propulsion and space born mechatronics.

Presentation (in Dutch) Studium generale "Robots zijn dieren - YouTube"

Presentation (in Dutch) Studium generale "Big Data, het einde van de wetenschap? – YouTube"

EE3C11 Electronics

Electronic circuit design

EE4109 Structured electronic design

A systematic approach to the design of analog electronic circuits

EE4C11 Systems engineering

Introduction to systems engineering processes

ET-Mi-201 Minor “Electronics for Robotics”

An entry-level acquaintance with the electronics that make robots operate, from principles to hands-on realisation

ET3604LR Electronic circuits

Introduction to electronics

ET8011MSC Structured electronic design laboratory

Master class in analog electronic design

Education history

ET3056TU Hardware implementation project

(not running) Hardware implementation phase of the minor �EE-Mi-109-13 Electrical Engineering for Autonomous Exploration Robots�

Projects history

PIPP OLFAR: Breakthrough technologies for Interferometry in Space

Combine multiple satellites into one single scientific instrument: a radio telescope in space

  1. Out-of-Band Immunity to Interference of Single-Ended Baseband Amplifiers Through $IM_2$ Cancellation
    Totev, Emil; Huang, Cong; de Vreede, Leo C. N.; Long, John R.; Serdijn, Wouter A.; Verhoeven, Chris;
    IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers,
    Volume 63, Issue 11, pp. 1785-1793, 2016. DOI: 10.1109/TCSI.2016.2593341

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