RF electronics

Contact: Masoud Babaie

Digital-RF aims to minimize the use of analog circuit functions by replacing them with digital equivalents which are more amenable to scaling in deep submicron CMOS technologies. Digital-RF transceiver technology has reduced the cost of mobile handsets drastically, and such chips are now mass produced at over 1 million ICs per day. The theme is led by Dr. Bogdan Staszewski, who pioneered the all-digital PLL and a series of innovative, highly-integrated narrowband transceiver ICs while working at Texas Instruments.

Projects under this theme

Digitally Dominant Analog Blocks for Ultra-Low-Power Wireless Sensor Network

All-digital phase-locked loops, inductor/capacitor-based DC-DC switching converters

Smart Energy Efficient Digital Communication

SEEDCOM aims for fully integrated energy efficient wideband transmitters

smart Everything everywhere Access to content through Small cells Technologies

EAST is focused on the development of Small cell technologies for 5G applications up to 6 GHz


Time-Domain RF and Analog Signal Processing

From RF to MMW and THz silicon SoC technologies

Silicon technology platforms for emerging RF, millimetre-wave and THz consumer applications.