List of courses

The group is involved in the following courses:

AP3701 Submm and terahertz physics and applications (3 EC)

Time-domain spectroscopy and applications, antennas, terahertz detectors and sources, THz space applications

EE1C11 Linear Circuits A (5 EC)

Circuit theory course for first year EE students, Part 1

EE1C21 Linear Circuits B (5 EC)

Circuit theory course for first year EE students, Part 2

EE1L21 EPO-2: Smart Robot Challenge (5 EC)

Build, program and operate a functional autonomous mobile robot.

EE3331TU Structured electronic design - basics (4 EC)

Systematic approach to the design of analog electronic circuits for non-electrical engineers

EE3C11 Electronics (5 EC)

Electronic circuit design

EE4605 Integrated Circuits and Systems for Wireless Applications (5 EC)

Design and analysis of typical RF IC building blocks in a wireless transceiver

EE4615 Digital IC Design II (3 EC)

Designing digital CMOS circuit such as frequency dividers and time-to-digital (TDC) circuits

EE4C05 Electromagnetics (5 EC)

EE4C09 Structured electronic design (5 EC)

A systematic approach to the design of analog electronic circuits

ET-Mi-201 Minor “Electronics for Robotics” (30 EC)

An entry-level acquaintance with the electronics that make robots operate, from principles to hands-on realisation

ET3056TU Hardware implementation project (10 EC)

Hardware implementation phase of the minor EE-Mi-109-13 Electrical Engineering for Autonomous Exploration Robots

ET3604LR Electronic circuits (3 EC)

Introduction to electronics

ET4371 Advanced Wireless Transceivers (Digital RF) (4 EC)

Digital RF/Microwave System, Digital-Passive, All-digital RF synthesizers, transmitters and receivers

ET4600 Wireless Concepts and Systems (5 EC)

Basic concepts of RF design, such as noise, nonlinearity, Impedance Matching, Analog/Digital Modulation, Pulse-shaping, Mixer, Oscillator, Link-budget, Transmitter/Receiver Architectures

ET8011MSC Structured electronic design laboratory (3 EC)

Master class in analog electronic design